Dom (K)


Added Dec 2, 2019

What is the Made-Ready?

Added Aug 24, 2018

Made-Ready is a term used by Dom(K) to distinguish itself from the Nouveaux Réalistes movement and their "Ready-Made" collage. It defines both a post-modern approach that requires a series of actions that limit its use: strolling the artist in an urban context (city, metro), reclaiming-appropriation-launching the artist in order to create (assembly-composition-pasting) a composite work from fragments of other pre-existing works or heterogeneous elements from different sources (posters, books, newspapers, etc.). Close to the Mash-Up without the contribution of the computer tool for the final creation, the Made-Ready puts the artist in the foreground in the creative act. a way to give a face to this invisible hand which for Villeglé is the true artist in the Ready-Made process.

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